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Grazitti Interactive Announces the Release of Zendesk-Jira 2.0

Mountain View, CA | March 13, 2024 – Grazitti Interactive recently announced the release of Zendesk-Jira plugin 2.0 for its flagship product – Sinergify.

Sinergify is a premium CRM (Salesforce/Zendesk) and Jira Connector that bridges the gap between your support and engineering teams, enabling better collaboration and faster case resolution. Its Zendesk-Jira plugin synchronizes your ticket updates across Zendesk and Jira to streamline workflows and ensure effective customer support.

Its new Zendesk-Jira 2.0 version offers many new configurations and feature enhancements to manage your Zendesk and Jira operations.

Expressing his delight, Mudit Garg, Senior Technical Manager, Salesforce, Grazitti Interactive, said, “The developments in the custom Zendesk-Jira plugin will enable users to collaborate more efficiently and better fulfill their unique business needs. With Sinergify, we are committed to ensuring smooth customer experiences via continuous evolution and this release is just another step in that direction.”

Highlights of the Zendesk-Jira Plugin 2.0

  • Multiple Zendesk Instance Linking
  • Control Visibility of Comments and Status Transition
  • Enhancement in Comment and Attachment Syncing on Jira
  • Instance-Specific Ticket Viewing
  • Auto-Populate Jira Reporter on Create Jira Screen
  • Reset Button on the Zendesk Authentication Screen
  • Issue Type Selection in Project Mapping Screen
  • Field Mapping Screen Enhancements

About Sinergify’s Zendesk-Jira Plugin

Sinergify’s Zendesk-Jira plugin enables seamless bi-directional data sync between both platforms for secure information flow. It lets users synchronize Zendesk tickets and comments/attachments with Jira so that each team can work in collaboration to deliver a coherent customer experience.

About Grazitti Interactive®

Grazitti Interactive is a leader in digital innovation and offers solutions for Salesforce customization, building online communities, marketing automation, analytics, and web design and development. We are proud to have served more than 1,000+ customers around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies in technology, banking and financial services, healthcare, travel, and other industries.