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About Sinergify

Sinergify’s parent organization, Grazitti, is a global leader in innovation, delivering digital growth that fuels business success. With a client base of over 1000 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies across industries such as technology, banking & financial services, healthcare, and travel, Grazitti has established itself as a trusted partner in driving success.

Here’s what makes Sinergify a game-changer.

In today’s business landscape, meeting customer expectations and facilitating seamless cross-team collaboration can be a challenge.

By breaking down siloed communication, Sinergify brings customer-facing and backend teams onto a common platform, enabling enhanced collaboration and efficiency. By integrating CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Zendesk with Jira, Sinergify gives you valuable insight into the buyer’s journey stage and customer expectations. This enables you to address customer issues, as well as save time and effort. Moreover, it empowers you to deliver personalized support, setting you apart from the competition.

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The Origin of Sinergify & Future Roadmap

Sinergify, a brainchild of Grazitti, integrates CRM platforms with Jira. It seamlessly merges the functionalities of both systems to craft a more robust solution, enabling improved collaboration & efficiency across teams.

Sinergify enables users to seamlessly integrate CRM platforms with Jira, and improve collaboration & efficiency across teams. Other products lack crucial features such as configurable Case to Jira updates, Jira details viewing in Salesforce, reporting, and automation.

To overcome these limitations, we’ve built a robust, adaptable connector. Our team has meticulously planned and developed Sinergify, catering to diverse use-cases and future scalability.

We faced challenges along the way, diving deep into market analysis and designing a unified solution. The result? A seamless experience with API compatibility at its core.

Licensing flexibility was another concern. To address it, we introduced user-based or flat site-wide licensing options, empowering customers to adjust settings based on their requirements. Our extended AppExchange licensing model enables easy user management. We’ve also fine-tuned the user interface (UI) and introduced feature adoption reports. Sinergify bridges the gap between CRM platforms and Jira, unlocking smoother operations for businesses. Now you can say goodbye to siloed data and team collaboration woes.
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Our Roadmap

our roadmap

Redefining System Integration & Collaboration with Sinergify

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Sinergify enables support and product teams to streamline workflows through automation.
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It operates independently without the need for third-party tools and does not retain customer data.
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Achieve seamless data flow and real-time updates by synchronizing business systems with Sinergify. Create a unified ecosystem to optimize operational efficiency.

Trusted By Leading Global Brands

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Our Mission

With digital engines that power business growth on cloud, mobile, and social media, we solve customer challenges and meet the evolving needs of businesses to match growth strategies.

Our Values

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People Our people are the heart and soul of our organization. It is their dedication and hard work that enables us to build and deliver products and solutions that customers value.
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Culture Our culture serves as the cornerstone for how we act. That’s why we foster integrity and authenticity in our organization and believe that it defines our success.
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Technology Technology being the bedrock of modern organizations, we keep our people up to date with the latest technologies to drive innovation and keep customers ahead.

Our Leaders

​Alok Ramsisaria
​Alok Ramsisaria
CEO, Grazitti Interactive
Neeta Ramsisaria
Neeta Ramsisaria
COO, Grazitti Interactive
Shivraj Asthana
Shivraj Asthana
President, Grazitti Interactive
Maneesh Kumar
Maneesh Kumar
Vice President - Sales, Grazitti Interactive
Atul Sharma
Atul Sharma
Director, Salesforce Practice
Grazitti Interactive

Product Experts

Mudit Garg
Mudit Garg
Head of Product
Grazitti Interactive
Sandeep Supehia
Sandeep Supehia
Head of Engineering/Customer Success
Grazitti Interactive
Ashish Thakur
Ashish Thakur
Head of Engineering
Grazitti Interactive

Our Salesforce Prowess

Salesforce Consulting and Optimization Partner

From Fortune 500 companies to SMEs and non-profits, our customers trust us for our innovative solutions, on-time delivery, and extensive Salesforce knowledge.

10 Years of Expertise
300+Certified Industry-specific Expertise
200+Projects Completed
100+Sillicon Valley Companies Trust Us
9/10Net Promoter Score