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Make a Bi-Directional Sync of Data Between
Zendesk and Jira with Sinergify


Zendesk and Jira integration creates a seamless flow between Zendesk Support tickets and Jira issues. When Zendesk and Jira are properly integrated, it can help bridge the gap between customer support and development teams. This can result in more efficient collaboration due to automatic information exchange.

Experts at Grazitti Interactive have developed a new custom Sinergify plugin – Zendesk and Jira connector. As the most comprehensive and adaptable synchronization tool for service desks and issue trackers, it synchronizes ticket data across Zendesk and Jira.

Challenges for Zendesk Support and Jira Users

Informational Silos
Duplicacy of Records
Incomplete Data in
Disparate Sources
Slower Handling of Customer Support Tickets

Use Cases of Zendesk – Jira Integration
Facilitated by Sinergify


Create a Jira Issue Using Zendesk

You can create Jira issues directly from the Zendesk Support tickets detail page.


Search and Link Jira Issues Using Zendesk

When linking a ticket to a Jira issue, you can search for Jira issues by using the “Key” or “Summary” fields. Users can search for Jira issues in specific projects.

Syncing Comments

Users can sync comments to Jira and have the option to manually add comments. They can also add custom comments to Jira issues without adding them to Zendesk tickets.


Syncing Attachments

Users can send attachments to multiple Jira issues with a maximum size of 25 GB. They can also send custom attachments to Jira issues without adding them into Zendesk tickets.