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Why Integrate Zendesk and Jira?


Better Communication

Integrating Zendesk and Jira ensures a smooth flow of information between your customer-facing and backend teams using different platforms. It enables them to communicate in real-time via one single platform and get better visibility into customer problems.


Improved Productivity

When everything your teams need is organized in one place, they are able to manage tasks more efficiently. Additionally, the automated information transfer between Zendesk and Jira reduces the need for manual data entry, enabling teams to focus on more important things.


Reduced Resolution Time

By providing development teams with immediate access to customer issues, Zendesk-Jira integration enables faster case resolution. It also helps support teams to communicate the issues’ urgency for development teams to address them promptly.

Key Advantages for Teams


Customer Support and Development Teams

If your customer support team uses Zendesk and the development team uses Jira, there is potential for useful data exchange through integration. The support team will raise tickets on Zendesk for customer issues and the development team will get direct visibility of the ticket details within Jira. This will allow both teams to collaborate efficiently on customer issues, resulting in higher organizational productivity and customer satisfaction.


Market Research and Product Teams

Enabling integration between Zendesk and Jira offers the product team the capability to automatically trigger notifications in Zendesk when a new feature is generated in Jira. This enables the market research team to promptly initiate surveys or collect feedback from customers regarding the introduced feature. The acquired feedback can then be seamlessly associated with the corresponding Jira issue, facilitating convenient access and in-depth analysis.


Make a Bi-Directional Data Sync Between
Zendesk and Jira With Sinergify


Zendesk and Jira integration creates a seamless flow between Zendesk Support tickets and Jira issues. When Zendesk and Jira are properly integrated, it can help bridge the gap between customer support and development teams. This can result in more efficient collaboration due to automatic information exchange.

Experts at Grazitti Interactive have developed a new custom Sinergify plugin – Zendesk and Jira connector. As the most comprehensive and adaptable synchronization tool for service desks and issue trackers, it synchronizes ticket data across Zendesk and Jira.

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Key Features of Zendesk Jira Connector


Create a Jira Issue Using Zendesk

Users can create Jira issues directly from the Zendesk Support tickets detail page.


Search and Link Jira Issues Using Zendesk

When linking a ticket to a Jira issue, users can search for Jira issues through all text fields as well as Jira issues in specific projects.


Syncing Comments

Users can sync Zendesk comments to multiple Jira issues. They can also add custom comments to Jira issues without adding them to Zendesk tickets.


Instance-Specific Ticket Viewing

Users can view linked Zendesk ticket details specific to the instance on the Jira issue detail page.


Syncing Attachments

Users can sync attachments to multiple Jira issues with a maximum size of 25 GB. They can also send custom attachments to Jira issues without adding them to Zendesk tickets.


Multiple Zendesk Instance Linking

The multiple Zendesk instances can be linked, and the authentication for different instances can be controlled from the Jira side.


Auto-Populate Jira Reporter on Create Jira Screen

If the Assignee of the Zendesk ticket exists on Jira, the Reporter field will be pre-populated on the Create Jira screen.

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