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Sinergify vs. Other Connectors: A Comparative Insight

Basis Sinergify Logo Other Solutions
Compatibility Salesforce:
All Clouds & Editions

Jira Products:
Jira Software
Jira Work Management
Jira Service Management
Majority of connectors support only Jira Software
Assisted Installation & Configuration $1499 (Optional, One Time Fee) Not Applicable
Tailored Support for Unique Use Cases Full assistance on tailored use cases Limited or No Support
Product Releases Continuous innovation with multiple major and minor product releases annually Limited releases
Business Cap Supports businesses of all scales Limited focus on specific scales
Admin Friendly Codeless administration with Built-in Admin Self-Help Guide and dedicated Salesforce and Jira Native Administration control Traditional or code-based configuration
Connect Multiple Jira Instances with Salesforce Yes One-to-One Connectivity
Multilingual Support Available Limited or No Support

Sinergify: Unlocking Strategic Advantages for Teams

Sinergify isn’t just a collaboration tool; it’s a strategic catalyst for teams looking to maximize their impact. By seamlessly integrating tools, fostering cross-functional collaboration, providing real-time insights, and offering agile project management, Sinergify positions teams at the forefront of success. Elevate your team’s efficiency, innovation, and overall performance with Sinergify—the key to unlocking strategic advantages in the modern business landscape.

Innovation Across Sectors: Sinergify’s Versatile Industry Impact

Sinergify has successfully navigated and served diverse sectors across various industry verticals. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has allowed us to establish a formidable presence in the market. Through a blend of cutting-edge technologies, strategic partnerships, and a customer-centric approach, we have consistently delivered tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each industry we engage with.

High Tech
High Tech

What Makes Sinergify Stand Out?

Custom Development

Sinergify is a Salesforce native platform that provides more control over the Salesforce side of your business. It allows for custom development and automation on top of Sinergify data, enabling you to meet your specific use cases. You also have the option to reach out to Grazitti for support and to discuss any use cases you may have. Grazitti, the parent company of Sinergify, has over 200+ certified Salesforce developers and consultants who can assist you with your use case, implementations, and requirements.



Sinergify’s pricing is based on the total number of your Salesforce users. You have the ability to control costs by assigning licenses to specific users. In contrast, other platforms may charge based on total Salesforce and Jira users or all the users using Jira Core or Software regardless of the integration with Salesforce. This leads to the automatic accumulation of your license costs as your company expands.

Fast-Paced Product Development

Your business deserves a platform that goes beyond the ordinary. Sinergify is a dynamic solution that puts its commitment to innovation at the forefront. While others may strive to match the pace, Sinergify is committed to defining it. We follow a customer-centric approach where we cater additional features and use cases requested by customers, and implement them in the product to eventually help a bigger audience.


Sinergify Assist

Sinergify Assist is an AI-powered feature that enables users to find Salesforce Case records that are semantically similar to a given Case record based on their Subject and Description fields. It provides suggestions for similar cases, allowing agents to access relevant historical data quickly and make more informed decisions during case resolution.

Jira Plugin

The Sinergify plugin allows Jira users to sync Jira updates to Salesforce. With configurable syncing, the admin can decide what updates to sync from Jira to Salesforce. Along with controlled syncing, the Jira plugin now offers additional capabilities for Jira Users.

Automated Workflows

We’re Dedicated to Fostering Your Growth

Hassle Free Migration

Hassle Free Migration

Switching to another integration tool can be complicated, considering the frequent disruption in existing processes. But not with Sinergify! Depending on your migration approach, Sinergify can be set up in your system within a matter of a few hours. Our product experts can ensure a seamless transition with complete data integrity and streamlined workflows.

Privacy at the Forefront

Privacy at the Forefront

Sinergify follows privacy by design principles and has all the appropriate security controls in place. It is built keeping Salesforce securities and best practices into consideration, and its parent organization, Grazitti Interactive, is ISO27001:2013, ISO27701:2019, and HIPAA Certified. Sinergify also does not collect any personal data.

Built for Users of All Abilities

Built for Users of All Abilities

Sinergify is compatible with all standard and custom Salesforce objects as well as Jira products (both cloud and on-premises). Being a Salesforce-native application, Sinergify offers compatibility with both Classic and Lightning Experience (LEX). It also works with all editions of Salesforce except for Salesforce Essentials.

Experience the Power of Sinergify

Invested in Your Success Story

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we are dedicated to delivering it at every step. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself as our customers share their experiences and insights regarding Sinergify.


of customers say their Case SLAs and overall Support Experience have improved post-Sinergify implementation.


of customers rated 5 stars for the user-friendliness of Sinergify for connecting and managing Salesforce and Jira.


of customers rated 4 stars for the accuracy and timeliness of data synchronization between Salesforce and Jira using Sinergify.


of people rated a full score for the adaptability of Sinergify across teams in their organization.

Customer Speak From AppExchange


Making an Impact Since 2018

SaaS Awards

Sinergify excelled in the 2023 SaaS Awards, by being Shortlisted in 6 impressive categories and making it to the finals in three key categories:

  • Best Enterprise-Level SaaS Product (Non-USA)
  • Best SaaS Product for IT Management
  • Most Agile SaaS Solution of the Year

Salesforce Ben

Sinergify has been featured on Salesforce Ben, a highly regarded platform in the Salesforce ecosystem. The detailed app review showcases Sinergify’s cutting-edge features and use cases to improve team productivity and end-user experiences. This recognition is a testament to the quality and innovation that Sinergify brings to businesses.

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