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Navigate Siloed Systems to Overcome Operational Obstacles

Operating with separate systems for customer support and project management can lead to inefficiencies and communication gaps. The silos often result in duplicate data entry, inconsistent information, and delays in issue resolution. Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira helps overcome these challenges by enabling real-time data synchronization and seamless communication between teams.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Automate data transfer between Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira to reduce manual effort and minimize errors

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration between customer support and development teams by providing a unified view of customer issues and project status

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Enable in-depth tracking and analytics to gain valuable insights into customer trends, project performance, and overall business operations

Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Seamlessly With Sinergify

Sinergify provides a robust platform for integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira, with features such as bi-directional data sync, automated workflows, and customizable mappings. By leveraging Sinergify’s capabilities, organizations can maximize the efficiency and productivity of their operations while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Empower Support and Engineering Teams With
Sinergify’s Versatility

Sinergify offers customizable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of engineering and support teams within the Salesforce Service Cloud. With its unmatched flexibility, Sinergify enables organizations to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration across teams.

Prioritize Issues

Prioritize Issues to be Resolved

Equip your support team with Sinergify’s robust capabilities to prioritize and resolve cases swiftly. With Sinergify, you can establish predefined rules to streamline the process, ensuring that critical issues receive prompt attention.

Drive Product

Drive Product Development
and Innovation

By bridging the cross-department gap, Sinergify empowers your organization to shape product roadmaps with valuable customer insights that align your offerings with user preferences and market demands.

Track Customer

Track Customer Incidents
in Jira

Enhance your business workflows by seamlessly tracking customer incidents from Salesforce to Jira with Sinergify. By utilizing advanced validation rules and automation, Sinergify ensures a smooth transition between platforms to enhance collaboration and simplify incident tracking.

Boost Data

Boost Data Accuracy and Integrity

Enhance data accuracy and consistency across platforms by leveraging Sinergify’s comprehensive validation rules and rule sets within Salesforce. Sinergify lets you implement robust validation mechanisms tailored to your specific needs to ensure data remains reliable throughout its lifecycle.

Automate Case study

Automate Case Status

Streamline your operations with Sinergify’s automated status syncing feature that seamlessly updates case statuses between Salesforce and Jira in real-time. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, Sinergify enhances efficiency and reduces errors to help your teams focus on more strategic tasks.

improve communication

Improve Communication
With Email Visibility in Jira

Transform your customer support process by showcasing customer emails in Jira automatically or with manual selection using Sinergify. Sinergify enhances information visibility, enabling the development team to promptly adjust bug priority based on the criticality of cases. This proactive approach improves SLAs by reducing reliance on support agents’ comments.

Additional Use Cases of Sinergify to Accelerate Case Resolution

Auto Close Case When All Linked Jiras are Closed or Vice Versa

Decide Between Primary and Secondary Jiras Tied to a Case

Quickly Review the Cases From the Case List View That are Escalated to Jira

Enhance Cross-Team Efficiency Between Product and Engineering Teams

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