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Sinergify Announces Its Product Version Release 3.0

Mountain View, CA | July 22, 2021 – Sinergify announces the general availability of its product version release 3.0 from July 22, 2021. The updated Sinergify V3.0 is now available on Salesforce AppExchange.

The new and upgraded version of Sinergify is aimed at taking the Jira creation process a notch up with better controls. Sinergify V3.0 gives admins better control over the Jira tickets creation process while providing users more options during Jira ticket creation from Salesforce.

Expressing his gratification on the development, Alok Ramsisaria, the CEO of Grazitti Interactive (Parent Organization of Sinergify) said that, “V3.0 is the fourth major product release for Sinergify in the last 18 months. I am proud of what we have achieved so far on our journey. And we are still seeing growing demand for the product in the market and it keeps us motivated to maintain the ‘best-in-market’ tag for Sinergify.”

Highlights of Sinergify V3.0

Besides general enhancements and bug fixing, there are several important upgrades that have been introduced in Sinergify’s new product release. Given below are some of the cool new features that have been introduced along with advancements in some of the existing features.

  • Advanced Create Jira Feature

With V3.0, users can now attach comments and attachments that are there on the Salesforce object detail page while creating a Jira ticket. Not just that, they can also add a new comment or an attachment while creating a Jira ticket from Salesforce.

Earlier, users had to create a Jira ticket first and then they were able to add comments/attachments.

  • Enhanced Validation Rules

With V3.0, we have enhanced the validations from being ‘rules-driven’ to ‘criteria-driven’. Admins can now create validation criteria for Jira ticket creation and if those validation criteria(s) are met, the Jira ticket will not be created.

  • Added Attachment Qualifier

Sinergify users can now enable selective syncing of attachments using the qualifiers if they don’t want to sync all attachments from Jira to Salesforce. For example, If you add ‘SalesForce’ as the attachment qualifier, then only the files starting with the name ‘SalesForce’ will be synced from Jira to Salesforce.

Additionally, these attachments can now be stored in Salesforce objects apart from the Jira related custom object.

About Sinergify

Sinergify, a product from the house of Grazitti Interactive, is a connector to integrate Salesforce and Jira. Irrespective of what Salesforce product you use – Sales, Service, Community Cloud (both custom and standard objects), it can be integrated with all the Jira products (Core, Software, Ops, Service Desk) hosted on both on-premise and cloud versions