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Grazitti Interactive Announces a New Addition to Sinergify – Zendesk-Jira Plugin

Mountain View, CA | December 7, 2022 – Grazitti Interactive has announced the availability of a new plugin for Zendesk Support and Jira integration in its product Sinergify.

Sinergify is one of the premium Salesforce-native products developed by Grazitti Interactive to effectively integrate Salesforce and Jira. Its new integration capability allows Zendesk users to sync Zendesk ticket updates to Jira issues and unite their support and engineering teams.

Mudit Garg, Senior Technical Manager, Salesforce, Grazitti Interactive, said, “We realize how important it is to integrate systems like Zendesk and Jira for enhanced customer experience. This new addition is created for businesses using Zendesk Support and Jira separately so that they can maximize their full potential.”

Highlights of the Zendesk-Jira Plugin:

  • Create a Jira issue from Zendesk directly
  • Search and link Jira issues within Zendesk
  • Unlink Jira issue from Zendesk
  • View details and comments of related Jira issues within Zendesk
  • Sync attachments and comments from Zendesk to Jira
  • Bi-directional updates between Zendesk and Jira
  • View related Zendesk ticket details and comments in Jira
  • Unlink Zendesk ticket from Jira
  • Post comments from Jira to Zendesk

About Sinergify’s Zendesk-Jira Plugin

Sinergify’s Zendesk-Jira plugin helps with smooth data syncing between both the platforms via a bi-directional connectivity for a secure transition of data. The plugin lets users sync Zendesk tickets and comments/attachments with Jira so that each team can work in collaboration to deliver a coherent customer experience.

About Grazitti Interactive®

Grazitti Interactive is a leader in digital innovation and offers solutions for Salesforce customization, building online communities, marketing automation, analytics, and web design and development. We are proud to have served more than 1,000 customers around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies in the technology, banking and financial services, healthcare, travel, and other industries.