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The New and Improved Sinergify has Arrived With the Latest Version Release

by Sandeep Supehia on May 18, 2020

With Sinergify’s May 2020 version release, a more powerful, intelligent, and adaptive Salesforce-Jira connector has arrived.

Sinergify, a product from the house of Grazitti Interactive, is already the best-of-breed connector with a broader range of integrations and numerous other features and benefits. We, however, continue to deliver on our promise to keep evolving the product.

The ways to simplify support workflows and improve cross-functional collaboration are two key areas that we keep on pursuing. Thereby, the new version release is largely focused on introducing automation of tasks and making Sinergify adaptable to organizations outside English-speaking territories.

Apart from the routine bug-fixing, let’s deep dive into what all-new features and use cases been introduced to Sinergify:

  • Multilingual Support

Salesforce is used by companies from around the globe. Salesforce, by default, supports around 18 different languages. So, to make the product adaptable for organizations using Salesforce in languages other than English, Sinergify will offer multilingual support.

Sinergify now supports all languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc. The Admin panel of Sinergify will now work based on the selected language.

  • Auto Creation of Jira Issues

Automation is redefining the business workflows and we have introduced it to Sinergify as well. We have defined a set of rules to automate the creation of Jira issues from Salesforce cases. Use our inbuilt methods in your Triggers, Apex, and Process Builders to create a Jira issue automatically to avoid manual effort.

  • Improved Advanced Search

Sinergify offers ‘Advanced Search’ functionality to search for Salesforce cases and Jira issues based on keywords. The functionality has now been enhanced for improved search including search based on Jira components, filters, etc.

  • Enhanced Range of Rulesets

Ruleset functionality in Sinergify lets users define the criteria to sync Jira issues under the right project. This functionality was earlier limited to just Case object. Although it has now been upgraded to support all standard and custom Salesforce objects like accounts, contacts, opportunities, ideas, etc.

Note: The upgraded version of Sinergify has also been updated on Salesforce AppExchange. Visit here to know more.

Other than these, there are a few changes that have been made in the configuration process, which are aimed to help organizations set up better syncing of data and workflows. Given are the changes that have been introduced:

  • Multi-user and user field support

With the new version release, users are empowered with the capability to map user and multiuser Jira fields in Salesforce. It allows users to simply search and add Jira users in these fields from Salesforce itself.

  • Default value enhancements for Jira creation

Provide the default values of your Jira fields in Salesforce. Users can now pass the default values to all Jira fields including components, fix versions, reporter, assignee, labels, and others from Salesforce.

That’s all for the updates in Sinergify’s May release. More updates to follow in upcoming version releases in the coming months. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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