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Maximize Teams’ Efficiency Without Forfeiting Effectiveness

by Shubham Gupta on May 24, 2019

The defining factors that are primal for the growth and success of any organization are efficient and effective teams.

Every team lead/manager/head constantly tracks their team’s performance and keeps looking for ways to enhance it. Thus, organizations across the globe often provide their teams (front-end or back-end) with the best-of-breed tools available in the market.


Selecting the right product, however, can be a hard nut to crack. It varies from company to company, their business needs, workflows, etc. Different teams often use different tools. So, establishing a seamless collaboration among various teams looks like a tall order. Businesses aim to deliver an impeccable digital experience at every customer touchpoint but do not always succeed. The reasons for failure are usually communication noise and a lack of inter-team coordination.

However, becoming a connected workplace is what most organizations are eyeing. A connected workplace means connected tools, free flow of information, and better collaboration among teams. Ensuring better-connected teams is the first step to more efficient and effective teams.

If your organization is largely invested in the Salesforce ecosystem and Jira, integrating them is the solution that is usually proffered. But custom integration of both tools is not a long-term solution.

Our experts thoroughly studied the workflows and processes that different teams use. After meticulous analysis, they developed a product to integrate both the tools in a way that it can do everything you expect it to do.

Enters Sinergify!

Sinergify is a connector that integrates all the Salesforce objects (standard or custom) with Jira products (Core, Software, Ops, Service Desk). Thus, bringing various teams on a common platform and helping them collaborate more effectively and with minimum conflict.

Sinergify disbars communication isolation to facilitate greater coordination. It also brings customer facing teams (sales, marketing, and service) and back-end teams (product and engineering) on the same platform, promoting a clear understanding of customer objectives, needs, and aspirations.

It helps your marketing, sales, and product team to perform their activities more efficiently. Use Sinergify to improve your business processes, provide prompt resolutions, and help customers grow their business.

With this, you may also get a chance to improve your customer experience, which is the need of every business. Integrating your systems can strengthen cross-functional collaboration and let you witness a more productive workplace.

The product helps establish a secure and controlled bidirectional flow of information between Salesforce products [Sales, Service, Community, Marketing Cloud, etc. (all standard and custom objects)] and Jira (Software, Core, Service Desk, Ops) hosted on both Cloud and On-Premises version.

So here is the time to capitalize on effective collaboration and improve productivity with Sinergify.

Want to know what all Sinergify can do and how? Register here for a personalized demo.

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