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Take Cross-Team Collaboration to a Whole New Level

Supercharge Efficiency and Elevate Customer Experiences With Sinergify – A Salesforce Jira Connector

Integrating Salesforce and Jira gives you strong insight into the buyer’s journey stage, as well as customer expectations. This enables you to reduce the time and effort required to solve customer issues, and build a highly-personalized approach to customer support. At Grazitti, we’ve built Sinergify, a Salesforce Jira connector. It enables you to combine the power of Salesforce and Jira, break free from siloed communication, and build cross-team collaboration.

With fast-paced product development, Sinergify has recently launched Sinergify Assist, which offers AI-based recommendations to agents that surface similar Cases. By mapping historical data quickly, it enables informed decision-making for faster case resolution.

Automate Workflows & Deliver Effective Customer Support

A Salesforce-native solution, Sinergify enables custom development and automation on top of data from business critical tools such as Salesforce and Jira. The features include:

Multilingual Support Icon
Multilingual Support

Get support for as many as 18 languages and view the admin panel in the language of your choice

Bidirectional Icon
Bidirectional Synchronization

Enable a two-way flow of data and auto-sync comments & attachments between Salesforce & Jira

Lightning-Ready Icon

Get compatibility with Classic, as well as Lightning Experience (LEX) in Salesforce

Multiple Object Syncing Icon
Multiple Object Syncing

Avail support for standard and custom objects & synchronize as many objects as you require

Analytics & Reporting Icon
Analytics & Reporting

Get reporting capabilities to analyze the number of Salesforce cases escalated as Jira issues

Multilingual Support Icon
Advanced Search

Get advanced search for existing Jira issues as well as a comprehensive view of the results page

Watch How Sinergify Benefits Your Business Requirements

  • 75% customers say their Case SLAs and overall Support Experience have improved post-Sinergify implementation.
  • 80% customers rated 5 stars for the user-friendliness of Sinergify for connecting and managing Salesforce and Jira.
  • 95% customers rated 4 stars for the accuracy and timeliness of data synchronization between Salesforce and Jira using Sinergify.
  • 83% people rated a full score for the adaptability of Sinergify across teams in their organization.

* Metrics reported by our customers through an internal survey.

Key Pillars

With a focus on accessibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, quick implementation, and seamless integration, we’ve built Sinergify – A Salesforce Jira connector to streamline and simplify customer relationship management. Once you configure and set up the Salesforce Jira connector as per business requirements, almost everything can be automated.

  • Reduction in Manual Data Entry
    and Synchronization
  • Decrease in Process Turnaround Time
  • Increase in Real-Time Access to
    Integrated Data
  • Fall in Errors and Associated Costs
  • Improvement in data privacy and
    security measures

Experience the Power of Salesforce Jira Integration

Sinergify: An Industry Leader on Top Cloud Integration Marketplaces

Customer Speak From AppExchange


Enhanced Data Visibility & Improved Customer Insights

Top Salesforce Jira Integration Use-Cases With Sinergify

jira icon
Create Jira Issues from Salesforce
comment icon
Sync Attachments & Comments
search icon
Search & Link Jira Issues From Salesforce
update icon
Centralize Updates on Salesforce & Jira Side
link icon
Link Multiple Jira Instances With Salesforce
plugin icon
View Salesforce Insights With the Jira Plugin

Trusted by Customers Across Industries

trusted customer case study
Case Study

Integrating Five Jira Instances with a Single Salesforce Org for a DevOps Solution Provider

trusted customer case study
Case Study

Migrating From Existing Salesforce Jira Integration to Sinergify

trusted customer case study
Case Study

Automated Business Operations, Quickened Case Resolution with ‘Cases’ and Jira Integration

Why Choose Sinergify for Salesforce Jira Integration

Certified Experts

We have a team of Salesforce & Jira developers and consultants who will assist you with implementation and support.

No Code Integration

Achieve seamless integration without any coding to empower users of all technical backgrounds and ensure faster time to market.

Product Customization

Set-up a personalized product, whether it is one-way synchronization, custom buttons, or a new dashboard.

Security Compliance

Get a Salesforce-native app and use the REST API for data transfer. Maintain compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

Free Trial: Begin Your Journey

  • Available for Cloud & On-Premises Versions of Jira
  • Unlimited Users
  • Highly Customizable
  • Jira Issue Management from Salesforce
  • Advanced Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

A connector enables you to seamlessly integrate Salesforce and Jira, and improve collaboration, productivity, and customer support. Here are some of the benefits of using a connector for Salesforce Jira integration:
  • Seamlessly Connect Salesforce and Jira: A connector enables you to create Jira issues from Salesforce, link Salesforce records in Jira, and synchronize comments and attachments between the two platforms.
  • Automate Business Processes: A connector can be used to automate a wide range of business processes, such as creating Jira issues from Salesforce cases, updating Jira statuses based on changes in Salesforce, and notifying customers of Jira updates.
  • Strengthen Team Collaboration: A connector makes it easy for teams to collaborate across Salesforce and Jira. You can use the connector to create a shared view of customer data, track progress on issues, and communicate with each other in real-time.
Here’s how you can create a new Jira ticket from a Salesforce case record: Step 1: From your Salesforce instance, go to the case record for which you want to create a Jira ticket. There are two ways to create a Jira ticket from Salesforce. For more details, visit this link.
You can reach out to Team Grazitti for support and discuss use-cases you may have. We have 200+ certified Salesforce developers and consultants who can assist you with your implementation and requirements.
This feature enables you to link multiple Jira instances with your Salesforce Org. The authentication and configuration of the instances can be controlled from Admin Settings in Sinergify. For more details, visit this link.
Learn more about setting up a Salesforce Jira integration, in the complete guide.