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How Sinergify Enables a Sync Between Your Product and Sales Team

by Swati Saini on Apr 22, 2024 in JIRA, Salesforce

The modern business landscape thrives on agility and collaboration. To truly excel, empowering your sales and product teams becomes crucial. This requires embracing cutting-edge technologies like CRM and project management platforms to streamline workflows.

With a 73% adoption rate among sales professionals, Salesforce is the leader in the CRM realm. Its comprehensive features and extensive customization have proven to increase sales by 29% and team productivity by 34%[i].

When it comes to project management, Atlassian Jira is the go-to choice for over 120,171 organizations[ii]. Its advanced planning and tracking functionalities give users real-time insights into team performance.

While adopting these platforms is ideal, the pitfall lies in using them in isolation. Their separate usage creates data silos and hinders visibility across departments, resulting in inefficient workflows and suboptimal performance.

The solution? Integrating your Salesforce and Jira platforms to create a seamless ecosystem.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how Salesforce-Jira integration can bridge the gap between your sales and product teams and how Sinergify can help you harness this synergy.

Why Integrate Salesforce and Jira for Sales and Product Teams?

Imagine your sales team accessing real-time product updates within the CRM, leading to more informed pitches in a short time. In contrast, your product team is drawing crucial customer insights directly from sales interactions for future developments. This is what a connected CRM and project management ecosystem can bring to the table.

Listed below are some key benefits of integrating Salesforce and Jira for your sales and product teams.

benefits of integrating Salesforce and Jira

Maximizing Sales and Product Team Collaboration by Integrating Salesforce and Jira via Sinergify

Now that you know the importance of integrating Salesforce and Jira, it’s time to look for an ideal integration solution. Sinergify, a leading Salesforce Jira Connector, might just be it for your business.

Sinergify facilitates seamless bi-directional data sync between your Salesforce and Jira platforms. It works on all Salesforce Clouds and Jira versions and can be easily customized as per your business requirements.

Here are some key features of Sinergify that make it stand out among other connectors:

  • Lightning-Ready: It is Salesforce-native and works with both Classic and Lightning editions of Salesforce.
  • Zero Code Setup: Easily configurable using the product setup guide and basic technical knowledge.
  • Multiple Object Syncing: Provides support for both custom and standard objects with the ability to sync as many objects as needed.
  • AI Assist: Has the ability to find Salesforce Case records that are semantically similar to a given Case record and provide suggestions for similar cases.
  • Advanced Reporting: Efficiently tracks feature requests or product enhancements by linking Salesforce Opportunities to Jira issues.

How Sinergify Enables a Sync Between Your Product and Sales Team

benefits of sinergify

1. Better Visibility and Reporting

Sales managers and teams can benefit from improved visibility into the status of development projects and associated issues. This enhanced visibility allows for better reporting and analytics, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize the sales pipeline and strategies.

2. Faster Lead Closures

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Core integration provide the sales team with on-hand collateral and much-needed industry insights. This information helps them refine their marketing messages and sales strategy to close leads quickly and speed up the lead-to-cash cycle.

3. Efficient Development

Sales teams can log customer-reported issues or enhancement requests directly into Jira. This enables the product team to prioritize bug fixing and implement new features with a faster time-to-market.

4. Customization and Personalization

With a connected Jira and Salesforce environment, sales teams can have a more personalized understanding of customer needs and preferences. They can leverage data from Jira to tailor their sales approach, ensuring that they are addressing specific customer concerns and aligning their offerings with ongoing product development.

5. Streamlined Workflows

Integration between Jira and Salesforce by Sinergify allows for the creation of automated workflows. This means that certain actions or triggers in one system can initiate predefined actions in the other. This automation can reduce manual effort, streamline processes, and ensure that tasks move smoothly through the sales pipeline.

6. Quick Issue Resolution

Your sales team often needs to re-sign NDAs, contracts, and other legal documents to close a sale. Salesforce Jira integration lets you raise the issue within Salesforce to get approval from the legal team. The legal team can access all the required information about the prospect and fast-track the verification process.

Seamlessly integrating Sales Cloud with Jira enhances the lead-to-opportunity conversion process. It helps utilize Sales Cloud’s lead management features to efficiently qualify and convert leads, while Jira ensures that engineering teams are aware of potential projects early in the sales pipeline.

The Bottom Line

By integrating your Salesforce and Jira with Sinergify, you’re not just bridging the gap but igniting a powerful product and sales team synergy. This will help you create a collaborative environment where data flows seamlessly and automated workflows pave the way for truly customer-centric experiences.

Ready to Experience the Power of Salesforce Jira Integration With Sinergify? Contact Us!

To know more about how Sinergify can help you enable effective cross-team collaboration, watch this demo. Should you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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