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Sinergify Version Release 3.0: Check Out What’s Changed

by Mudit Garg on Jul 26, 2021

Sinergify’s latest version release 3.0 is now live! Full of cool new updates and some amazing new features, Sinergify V3.0 is now available on Salesforce AppExchange.

Our team is motivated by the idea of maintaining the ‘best-in-market’ tag associated with Sinergify, seeing that it is an exclusive product to offer several out-of-the-box features like linking multiple Jira instances, multilingual support, etc.

Before coming to the updates and new features that have been introduced in Sinergify V3.0, let us first shine some light on the aim of the new version release. Sinergify V3.0 is aimed at making the Jira creation process easier and providing better control to admins and managers.


Now, let us tell you how we tried to achieve that. Based on internal analysis and user feedback, we have made some significant updates and added some new features to Sinergify.

The Enhancements

1. Enhanced Jira Creation Process

We have enhanced the process of Jira ticket creation with more options available on hand.

Earlier, users had to first create a Jira ticket by entering all the necessary details. Then they were able to send the comments and files that were there on the case to the Jira ticket they created.

Now, we have made it possible for users to do that in one go while creating a Jira ticket itself. We have added a feature for users to select the case comments and files that they want to pass to the Jira side.

In addition to users being able to select from existing case comments and files, they can also add a new comment and attach a file while creating a Jira ticket.

2. Advanced Admin Validations

We have also updated the validations that admins and managers could add to ascertain if the Jira creation process meets the requirements.

Earlier, the admins/managers were able to add validations but they were more ‘rules-based’. Now, we have taken it a notch further and allowed the admins/managers to configure ‘criteria’ based on the case details. To add validation criteria, they can specify the project and object for which it will be applicable. Then they can add formulas, filter logic, notification/error message that will appear in case the validation criteria are met.

If those criteria are met while a user is trying to create a ticket, it will notify the user with the error message and a Jira ticket will not be created.

The New Feature

1. Attachment Qualifier

Attachment qualifier is the latest feature that we have added to Sinergify in its version release 3.0. This feature is added to allow selective syncing of attachments from Jira to the Salesforce side. There are several of our users who didn’t want all Jira attachments to be synced in Salesforce. So, we have tried to ease their job with this.

Attachment qualifier allows admins to add a ‘qualifier’ to enable auto-syncing of attachments/files from Jira to Salesforce.

For example, if you have added ‘SalesForce’ as a qualifier, the files/attachments starting with ‘SalesForce’ in their name will be synced to Salesforce automatically.

That largely covers the key highlights of Sinergify V3.0. Other than the aforementioned updates and features, we have done some general bug-fixing for ensuring a hassle-free experience for our users.

What’s in Our Kitty for the Future?

We have already started working on the roadmap for our next Sinergify release 4.0. Our team is doing an audit for possible features/enhancements that can be introduced in the next release.

Why are we telling you this, you ask? We’d like for you to be a part of this process too.

If you are one of our existing customers, feel free to reach out to our customer success managers and share with them what features and enhancements you wish to see in Sinergify in future releases. You can simply visit our support portal and raise your request or you can send an email at [email protected].

And if you are not a Sinergify customer and feel that we don’t offer a certain feature that you would want, we would be delighted to hear from you. All you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

Want to know more about Sinergify? Contact us.

We recommend you take a 1:1 product demo and see for yourself how Sinergify works. Or even better, start with Sinergify’s free trial today to see it working in your business environment.

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