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Sinergify V2.0 Release is Now Live: Check out What’s New

by Mudit Garg on Apr 26, 2021

Sinergify’s v2.0 product release is now live.

With this, Sinergify has achieved yet another milestone. It has now become the only Salesforce-Jira connector in the market to offer the linking of multiple Jira instances with a single Salesforce Org.

What’s the need for integrating multiple Jira instances with a Salesforce Org, you ask? Our product manager has summed up the reasons for that and the story behind including this feature in Sinergify in a blog post.


Earlier, only a single Jira instance could be integrated with Salesforce. But with the introduction of multiple Jira linking features in Sinergify’s v2.0 release, users can now link up to five Jira instances with a single Salesforce Org.

Both cloud and on-premises Jira instances can be linked. Also, the linking of multiple Jira instances won’t overlap or merge with the data syncing.

To elevate your digital experience further, several new enhancements have been made to the existing features and a few new features have also been added in Sinergify’s v2.0 release, besides general improvements and bug fixing.

Some highlights of Sinergify’s v2.0 include:

1. Search Enhancements

Sinergify now offers more dynamic search functionality to further enrich users’ search experience. The upgraded search page in Sinergify now shows results that are fetched dynamically based on pre-selected values including recent browsing and click activity. The search results are also based on the default Project and IssueType.

2. Improved Salesforce Object and Jira Data Syncing

Typically with Sinergify, shadow Jira records were created in Salesforce to facilitate the syncing of data from Salesforce to Jira and vice versa. This means that the syncing of data/information was earlier done between Jira and the shadow Jira record in Salesforce.

Now, we have also made an on-demand feature, which will also allow direct syncing between Salesforce Object records and Jira. For example, changing the priority and status of a Jira ticket will also update the linked cases.

3. Help Text for Jira Fields

Help text is the text that appears with a tooltip next to the mapped field to give extra information about the field for better clarity to the user. Sinergify now supports adding help text on the Jira fields for better user clarity and usability.

Bottom line

We won’t be stopping with v2.0 of Sinergify. Our team will keep on innovating the product with more releases to come in the future. In case you have a business use case that you would like to share with us, please share it here.

Want to know more about how Sinergify works?

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