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Sinergify June ‘20 Version Release: Check Out What’s Latest

by Mudit Garg on Jun 19, 2020

Sinergify’s June ’20 version release is here.

Sinergify, a connector for Salesforce and Jira integration, has already been a game-changer for companies that have invested in these platforms. Now, there is an even improved and a more evolved version of the same.

In its May ’20 version release, Sinergify got strengthened with new capabilities like multilingual support and auto-creation of Jira issues.

And now, with the June ‘20 upgrade, we have improved the operational workflows of Sinergify. Some new features have been added that would resonate with the needs of both Salesforce and Jira users, alongside bug-fixing. The developments in the June ’20 release are directed towards improving teams’ efficiency and collaboration.

The upgraded version of Sinergify is also available on Salesforce AppExchange.

Highlights of Sinergify June ’20 Release

In its May ’20 release, the Ruleset functionality in Sinergify was broadened to support all standard and custom Salesforce objects. In the latest release, the functionality is now enhanced to support up to 1000 rulesets compared to the earlier limit of 80. Other key upgrades include:


1. A More Comprehensive View of Search Results

Earlier, the number of columns displayed in the search results in Jira was limited. Users searching for a Jira issue would only be able to view 5 columns of different field details on the search results page. However, with the current upgrade, the users can view any number of columns that they want, based on the mapped fields.

2. Bi-Directional Attachment Syncing

To improve the flexibility of Sinergify, users have been provided with the ability to sync in attachments not just from Salesforce to Jira but vice-versa as well. Both Salesforce and Jira users have equal opportunities to sync attachments now.

3. Change Jira Status/Transition from Salesforce

As a step-ahead to enhance user-experience, the connector now allows Salesforce users to update the status of Jira issues from Salesforce. Salesforce users can also handle the Jira Transitions, which includes screens with different fields to fill in information for changing the Jira status. If the functionality is enabled in your Jira instance, Jira transitions can also be managed in Salesforce now.

4. Feed Item Control

This feature was added to expedite linking cases or any other objects (based upon field mapping) to a Jira issue. Through feed item control, a user can send out comments and attachments from the feed on the case detail page by simply using hashtags. No rocket science involved.

These were the new updates in the June ’20 release of Sinergify. Our product team is always vetting customer requirements. So make sure to keep an eye on the next series of updates in Sinergify.

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