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How Support Reps can Exploit Sinergify’s ‘Advanced Search’ for Higher Productivity

by Sandeep Supehia on Jan 30, 2020

How often is that your support reps, in cases where technical assistance is required, escalate a customer case to the product/engineering team?

If quiet often is your response, how do your support reps know if a similar issue is already with the product/engineering team?

There is no way, right?

Duplicacy is one of the factors that affect team productivity and both support and product/engineering teams are no exception.

The effort required for hopping instances and keeping an eye for updates only adds up to their already demanding job.

So, is there a way out to ease their job a bit? Yes, there indeed is.

If your support team uses Salesforce Service Cloud and product/engineering team uses Atlassian Jira, integrate them with Sinergify.

There are a number of use cases that Sinergify has got to offer. In this blog post, we, however, would be exploring how ‘Advanced Search’ can benefit support reps.

For detailed information on Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira integration, read our blog post here.

What is ‘Advanced Search’?

Advanced Search, as the name suggests, is a search functionality available in the Sinergify console.

How does it work?

The ‘Advanced Search’ functionality comes into the picture when a support rep escalates a customer case. To avoid the creation of duplicate cases, a support rep can use this search functionality.

Support reps can use relevant keywords to search for related existing cases. Based on the search results, given are the tasks they can perform:

  • Create a Jira Issue

In case there are no similar issues found, support reps can create a new Jira issue from a customer case to escalate the issue to the product/engineering team.

  • Link a Jira Issue

In case a similar issue is found, the best approach is to avoid the creation of duplicate issues. So, rather than creating a new issue, support reps can link that case to an existing Jira issue.

  • Clone a Jira Issue

In this scenario, a similar issue is found but there are just some minor changes required to it. So, in that case, support reps can clone an existing Jira issue and can update the cloned issue with the required changes to it.

How will it help support reps?

If support reps leverage Sinergify’s ‘Advanced Search’ to their day to day tasks, it will take a considerable amount of workload off them. Support folks can save a considerable time that they spent on hopping instances (between Salesforce and Jira), and time spent on creating new Jira issues, etc.

Similarly, this will also help the product/engineering team by better prioritizing Jira issues. They also won’t need to address duplicate issues, thus saving their time and effort.

Thus, support reps would be able to handle customer queries more efficiently and thus, become more productive.

Wanna see how Sinergify works in the real environment?

Watch this 7-min product demo video to see Sinergify in action.

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