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Automating Case Management for Quickened Case Resolution Cycle

by Mudit Garg on Sep 08, 2020

Business process automation has been one of the most successful investments in recent years. A UiPath survey in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit corroborates this statement. 73% of respondents in the survey are very or entirely satisfied with the benefits resulting from automation. The upshot? Well, it is safe to say that business process automation has made significant headway and is increasingly becoming a C-level priority.

Which business operations are largely impacted by automation? Automation is largely being implemented in teams with customer dealings like customer service, sales, marketing, etc. Especially, service and support are the key departments that have benefited greatly from automating business processes. A large part of service agents’ daily job is consumed by manual management of cases, tickets, emails, and more.

Case Management with Sinergify

So, how can service and support leverage automation?

Let’s explain to you how Michael, a service manager, benefitted from business process automation.

Michael is the service manager at a Denver-based technology company. His team was one of the most stressed-out teams due to high volume of cases. Despite that, one of the key challenges for his team was delayed resolution to customer cases. The reason for that was the manual effort of managing day-to-day cases.

Let’s take you through the challenges that service and support teams face in case management in the absence of automation. Michael’s team was using Salesforce for case management and the engineering and product team in their organization were using Jira for issue tracking and management. So, the challenges in the process involved:

  • Separately creating and logging a Jira ticket from a case
  • Handling multiple Jira tickets for a single case
  • Individual notification to the case owner and customer on the resolution of Jira tickets
  • Siloed interactions and poor collaboration
  • Extensive manual effort of managing day-to-day tasks


In the first stage, our team of experts installed Sinergify, our Salesforce and Jira integration connector, in their Salesforce org to enable integration between the two platforms.

Check out the use cases that Sinergify offers for Service Cloud and Jira integration.

Then, per the list of requirements laid out by Michael, our tech experts introduced specific automation in their systems which enabled them to do the following:

1. Create Jira tickets right from Salesforce
2. Link a case to existing Jira tickets or vice versa from Salesforce
3. Auto-notify (via an email) the case owners when:

  • A comment is added on a Jira ticket
  • The status of a Jira ticket is changed

4. Auto-notify (via an email) the case owner and the customer when:

  • A Jira ticket is closed
  • All Jira tickets associated with a case are closed

5. Auto-close a case when all the related Jira tickets are closed
6. Map all the case updates to their customer community so that customers can view it on the community.


Following the deployment of Sinergify and automation, Michael’s team was able to manage cases more effectively and efficiently thus, improving his team’s productivity significantly.

The churn amongst the employees in Michael’s organization also reduced significantly, thanks to the automated workflows that Sinergify empowered them with. The quality of the engagement of employees with customers fostered and the average case resolution time also improved.

Key takeaway?

Business process automation accelerates the process of case management onto a higher pedestal by improving support productivity and service quality. Therefore, automating business processes is the need of the hour to align your actions effectively and efficiently with predetermined business objectives.

Do you want to automate business processes and quicken case resolution on ‘Cases’ and Jira integration? Schedule a 1:1 product demo to catch it in action!

Get Sinergify to automate the process of case management. If you want to see how Sinergify improves operational efficiency, schedule a personalized demo by dropping us a line at [email protected].

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