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4 Reasons to Integrate Atlassian Jira With Your CRM Platform

by Sanjana Rikhi on Feb 27, 2023 in JIRA

Jira is one of the most powerful ticketing tools used by managers, IT specialists, and non-IT professionals to provide support to their customers and cover all kinds of projects and product management.

However, providing quick resolution to customers is a multi-step process and requires the efforts of cross-functional teams. Therefore, integrating Jira with your CRM platform can be a wise decision.

When your CRM platform and Jira work together, your customer support processes will be more effective and efficient. And with a secure and effective integration solution in your corner, you can make CRM-Jira integration a breeze.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reasons to integrate Jira and CRM platforms and how a custom solution can make this integration easy to drive exceptional business growth.

Reasons to Integrate Jira With Your CRM Platform

CRM and Jira are the two popular platforms used in various business operations across multiple industries. Integrating CRM with Jira creates a more cohesive work environment and improves the way teams collaborate, ultimately, making life easier for every stakeholder involved.

JIRA-CRM integration allows you to create issues from cases in a CRM system, assign them automatically based on information about the customer, or add new issues manually if needed.

If you want to take your customer support to the next level, then integrating Jira with CRM is a great way to do so. Here are the reasons why these systems should be integrated:

1. Bi-Directional Flow of Information: Integrating Jira with CRM automatically syncs the information between the two systems, providing all the required context (customer information, last interaction with the customer) to the teams, which ultimately, leads to better CX.

2. Configurable Workflow: By integrating these systems, you can set up highly configurable and flexible workflows where users can specify which fields are copied between the systems and under which conditions. It helps teams better prioritize their tasks, avoid manual errors, and automatically assign tasks to the respective assignees. Consequently, the teams resolve issues much faster and more efficiently.

3. Complete Control Over Comments & Attachments: For disparate teams to get more clarity on customer challenges and feedback, the CRM plugin allows users to control which comments and attachments can be copied and the visibility of both in the other system.

4. Improved Productivity: Jira and CRM integration helps businesses increase overall productivity by enabling teams to share information quickly and seamlessly. The flow of real-time data helps employees make better decisions on where they should focus based on relevant inputs provided by the sales and marketing teams on specific customers.

Make Your Jira and CRM Integration Process a Breeze Using Sinergify

Sinergify is a connector for integrating your CRM platforms and Jira. It helps businesses get the best out of these platforms. Combining the power of both platforms will minimize delays in business processes, improve organizational efficiency, and streamline workflows.

Also, Sinergify helps businesses bring various customer-facing and back-end teams to a common platform paving the way for greater cross-functional collaboration.

Sinergify offers two CRM connectors:

  • Salesforce and Jira Connector
  • Zendesk and Jira Connector

Salesforce-Jira Connector

With Sinergify, you can integrate multiple Salesforce Cloud products with key Jira products to improve the efficiency of your business operations. Here’s a quick look at them:

  • Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Software to expedite the case resolution process. The integration allows the support team to escalate cases that require assistance from the development teams without having to leave the Salesforce interface.
  • Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with Jira Core to deliver a superior customer experience by enabling teams to analyze the customer journey and explore the possibility to up-sell or sell add-ons.
  • Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud With Jira Core to enable your sales team to strategize effectively and speed up the lead cash cycle with on-hand collateral for a quicker lead closure.
  • Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira Desk to help support teams close cases faster by providing them with key customer information. Also, identify the right time to deliver the right message by tracking the status and progress of cases.
  • Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Software to keep your sales team in order with the latest product specifications. Equip them with all the product-related documents, latest releases, and upcoming features.
  • Integrate Salesforce Experience Cloud with Jira Service Desk to enable quick information access to support and provide timely case resolutions.
  • Integrate Salesforce Experience Cloud with Jira Software to create and develop products that your customers want. For instance, you can leverage customer feedback from your community platform to optimize an existing product or develop a new one.

Zendesk and Jira Connector

For any successful business, the collaboration between its support and development teams is crucial. And for this collaboration, teams need to access data effectively.

That’s where Sinergify, a top-class Zendesk-Jira connector comes to your support. It enables the linking, tracking, and synchronization of information between Zendesk tickets & Jira issues effectively. Here’s a look into the key features of this connector.

4 Reasons to Integrate Atlassian Jira With Your CRM Platform

  • It helps you sync data and establish a bi-directional flow of data between Jira and Zendesk Support to help you boost the efficiency of your support teams.
  • It helps you create and view Zendesk tickets associated with the Jira issues that development teams are handling.
  • When linking a ticket to Jira issues by using the ‘key’ or ‘summary’ fields, users can search for Jira issues in specific projects. Also, users can link single issues or multiple issues at the same time.
  • Zendesk users can view and customize Jira comments and inline attachments in the comment section.
  • Users can unlink Zendesk tickets from Jira and vice versa to help reduce human errors.
  • Users can have limitless flexibility in configuring their integration and have complete autonomous control as native administration is present on each platform.

The Bottom Line

To provide stellar CX, you need a cohesive view of your customers to understand what they actually want. And, following an approach where the customer support and development teams can collaborate without any hassle is the way out. With Sinergify, you can integrate Jira with your CRM platform, minimize siloed interactions, and enhance the way teams collaborate to streamline processes.

Ready to Integrate Jira With Your CRM Platform for Providing Better Support? Talk to Us!

If you’d want to know more about all the amazing things you can do with Sinergify, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!

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