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Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Core

Share Product Collateral and Industry Insights

Speed up the Lead-to-Cash cycle. Help your sales team strategize effectively and close leads quickly with on-hand collateral via Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira core integration.

Bolster your marketing strategy. Provide your marketing team with much-needed insights related to industry, competitors, and customers with consolidated sales and marketing. Thus, improving the content strategy, refining collateral, and the overall marketing message.


Sales + Marketing

Faster Lead Closures


Sales + Legal

Speedy Contract Execution

Expedite Resolution of Issues with Contracts/Licenses

Fast-track the process of raising an issue for your sales team with the legal team. Your sales team, as often as not, needs to re-sign NDAs, contracts, and other legal documents to close a sale. Thus, requiring the nod from the legal team.

Let your sales folks raise an issue without leaving Salesforce. Also, your legal team will get all the required information about the prospect and can check for the agreements based on company policy.

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Service Desk

Help Support Close Cases Faster

Resolve customer cases faster than ever. Sales Cloud and Jira Service Desk integration help sales provide support with the essential customer information that allows them to understand an issue, intent, and provide the right solution in minimal time possible.

Identify the Right Opportunity and Time to Sell More

Let your sales team explore selling opportunities. Close integration with Service Desk helps sales team track the status and progress on cases, manage the relationship with an account, and explore upsell or add-ons opportunities.


Sales + Support

Attract and Retain Customers for Rapid Growth

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Jira Software

Keep Sales Up-to-Date about the Product

Equip your sales with all the product-related documents, latest releases, and upcoming features. Unified product and sales help your sales force stay contemporary with the product roadmap, build trust with the lead, and close sales faster.

Let your product makers know what prospects are asking for. Sales folks know what your prospects want and can help the product team come up with more realistic product roadmapping and eventually, the product.

Impart Product Team with Essential Customer Info

Bring sales and product teams to a common platform. Sales thoroughly understand your target market. They stay on top of what competitors are doing, new features and products, what customers are asking for, and where you lack on the feature list. Following the integration, sales would be able to help the product folks plan releases better and build customer-centric product roadmaps.


Sales + Product

Build Features/Products that Customers Love

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