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Salesforce Service Cloud® and Jira Integration

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Create Jira Issues from Salesforce

In cases, where support agents need assistance from the engineering/product team, support agents can create a new Jira issue right from the case details page.

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Notify Case Owner of Jira Updates

Whenever there’s any update on a Jira issue from the engineering/product team, our experts have developed a custom solution that sends a notification to the case owner in Salesforce of every update on Jira side.

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Search and Link Jira Issues Directly from Salesforce

If a customer case seems familiar, support agents can search for similar existing Jira issues using search. In case a similar Jira issue already exists, they can link that case to the existing Jira issue.

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Centralize all Updates (on Both Jira and SFDC Side)

After creating a Jira issue for a case, if there are any changes on the Salesforce side like case status, priority, or any other updates, then what? Well, we’ve developed a custom solution that will automatically sync all updates from Salesforce to Jira so that there’s no discrepancy of information on both sides.

Make Jira Feeds Visible to your Customers

This is an on-demand functionality for businesses who want to make Jira feed visible to their customers via communities. So, Sinergify can help make visible the Jira issue details on the community side as well.

Update Case Status of Resolved Jira Issues

Once a Jira issue is marked as resolved by the engineering/product team, the status of the cases on the Salesforce side will also be updated accordingly.

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Sync attachments and comments

As the name indicates, Sinergify allows bidirectional syncing of attachments and comments i.e. from Salesforce to Jira and vice versa.

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Jira Status/Transition via Salesforce

Users can change the status of Jira issues right from Salesforce without the need of switching to Jira. Also, if the Jira transition screens are available, the same can be handled in Salesforce.

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Feed Item Control

From the case details page, users can simply use the feed to link a case to a Jira issue by using a hashtag. Also, users can send feed content as a comment and attachment using a hashtag.

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Auto Jira Issues Creation

Use our inbuilt methods in your Triggers, Apex, and Process Builders to create a Jira issue automatically to avoid manual effort.

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