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Transform Teams With Integration Powered By Sinergify

User-Friendly & Self-Configurable

User-Friendly & Self-Configurable

With built-in controls and a user-friendly interface, Sinergify is easy to configure. It is supported by dedicated documentation and knowledge articles for admins.



Sinergify supports both Salesforce Classic and Lightning (LEX). There are no limitations on Jira projects and fields, including custom ones.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Sinergify customizes and automates workflows so that they can be tailored for specific use cases.

Take Control of Workflows With Sinergify

Bi-Directional Synchronization

A bidirectional or two-way sync is when changes to data in one system are reflected automatically in another. This can be done in real-time or in batches, depending on application needs. Bidirectional sync is useful for preventing data silos and reducing manual data entry.

  • Bi-Directional Comment Syncing: Syncing of comments from Jira to Salesforce and vice-versa
  • Bi-Directional Attachment Flow: Two-way flow of attachments between Jira and Salesforce
Bi-Directional Synchronization

AI Assist

Sinergify AI Assist enables users to find semantically similar Salesforce Case records based on their Subject and Description fields. It allows agents to access relevant historical data quickly and provide suggestions for similar cases.

  • Create Jira Issues With Recommended Values
  • Link Previous Jira Issues Seamlessly
  • Hassle-Free Data Retrieval for Reduced Duplicate Efforts

Multiple Jira Instance Linking With Salesforce

This feature enables users to connect multiple Jira instances to their Salesforce Org. The authentication and configuration of each instance can be managed from Sinergify Admin Settings.

  • View Salesforce Record Details Inside Jira
  • Link Jira Issues, Send Comments and Attachments to Jira Using Salesforce Feed
Multiple Jira Instance Linking With Salesforce
Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Sinergify offers comprehensive reporting for instant access to required data, right where you work. Custom reports can be created for teams to help them stay informed.

  • Fetch reports including Jira issue records & custom-mapped field details from Salesforce
  • Create Salesforce Reports on Jira Records & Fields
  • Build Pre-Defined Adoption Reports

Automated Workflows

Salesforce Triggers and Jira post functions automate complex business workflows within a few clicks. For example, you can use them to escalate an issue from Salesforce to the engineering team with one click or to automatically create a Jira issue when a new record is created in Salesforce.

Automated Workflows
Field Mapping

Field Mapping

You can map and sync as one project and desired fields. You can also control Salesforce objects, Jira projects, and related data separately to keep ongoing workflows in place. However, globally mapping projects will make tasks easier if you need to map multiple projects at once.

Sinergify provides field mapping, which enables you to control data flow:
  • Configure and Map Jira Projects in Salesforce for View Only or Edit
  • Configure Field Mapping for Each Project Separately [Jira to Salesforce]
  • Dynamically Map Salesforce User as Jira Assignee/Reporter in Salesforce

Enhance Cross-Team Efficiency Between Product and Engineering Teams

Enhanced Incentives to Embrace Sinergify


Tracking Capabilities

Jira’s time tracking feature enables your team to record the time they spend on issues within Jira. Sinergify also provides history tracking, which enables you to track the history of Jira field data.


Validation Rules

Sinergify provides a visual interface for creating and managing rules, and by automatically enforcing rules when data is entered or updated. You can add validation rules by specifying the required fields.


Feature Request

A feature request is a way for users to ask for new features or enhancements to the product. When users submit a feature request, they’ll need to provide the name, description, reason, and business requirements of the new feature.



Sinergify enables users to improve workflows and be productive by providing a visual interface for creating and managing rulesets, and helping users automate tasks based on rulesets.

Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Sinergify ensures security compliance with industry standards and best practices, and by being regularly audited. It is built keeping Salesforce security and best practices into consideration.



Sinergify ensures connectivity through a unified platform, facilitating seamless data connection and sharing across Salesforce products, as well as to both cloud-based and on-premise versions of all Jira products.


Multilingual Support

Sinergify enables users to choose their preferred language for the user interface.


Advanced Search

Sinergify enables Advanced Search by providing a single view of data from multiple sources, helping users identify patterns and trends.


Potential Results

Sinergify helps in providing potential results by using machine learning to identify patterns and trends in data.

Sinergify is also available on Salesforce AppExchange®