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Exemplary Inter-Team Collaboration: The New-Age Axiom for Business Success

by Mudit Garg on Jun 20, 2019

You might agree that ‘Business Success’ is all that any business aims to achieve. So, why don’t we make it the central objective of any business? Giving each team a different goal is okay until this causes division.

This division, more often than not, isolates teams and they only focus on achieving their team goals. Organizational goals fade away from the scenario. This isolation amongst teams stems organizational silos and affects their productivity, and ultimately your end-users receive a subpar experience.

Give your employees a sense of belonging with a connected workplace!

“When there’s belonging there’s engagement, and when there’s engagement there’s productivity.”

Employees grow in a business environment, which frees them to communicate, work together, and is focused on collaboration. In such an environment, team members naturally feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


Bring your customer-facing and back-end teams together!

Sales can’t sell a product alone, marketing can’t market by themselves, and customer service can’t solve all customer cases effectively without collaborating with other teams. Every team within an organization, at different stages, needs assistance from others. Make it hassle-free.

Let the sales team sell better!

Sales team often needs help from teams like customer support, marketing, product, and legal at different stages.

Marketing can help sales with on-hand collateral, enabling them to close deals quickly.

Aligning with the legal team allows expediting the sales process by making it easy to directly collaborate with them and getting NDAs, contracts, and other documents ready in time.

The product team can help sales by keeping the sales team up-to-date with product-related documents, product releases, and upcoming features to build trust with the prospects.

The support team interacts with the customers and they can identify the upselling, cross-selling, and add-on selling opportunities and share that with the sales team.

Aligning with other teams will give sales a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle and they can personalize the selling process and thus, close deals faster.

Let the support team close cases faster!

Support team, as often as not, needs help from teams like engineering, product, and marketing to close cases faster and effectively.

Support folks, in cases where they need technical assistance, escalate customer cases to the engineering or Product teams. You need to make the process of escalating cases and interacting hassle-free for swifter resolution of cases.

A cohesive view of the customer journey is what your support team will get after aligning with other teams. And this will help them better understand a customer and fast-track the case resolution process.

Let the product team build the products/features your customers want

Once connected with other teams, the product team can access the customers’ feedback that is stored in support tools. This will help the product team build the features/products that your customers want.

Also, the Sales team can share the requirements that customers ask for with the product team and can align those features in their product roadmap and release in future product releases.

Let the marketing team effectively drive business value!

Your marketing team is one such team that needs to collaborate with most of the teams within an organization whether it’s sales, support, legal, product, and others.

The support team can help share market insights—based on their interaction with customers—with the marketing team to devise a marketing strategy and run campaigns.

The sales team can also provide your marketing team with insights related to industry, competitors, and customers to better strategize the marketing effort.

Your business can be a successful one if your marketing team effectively markets the product, sales sells the product, and the service team ensures that customers stay with you. However, the collaboration among the said teams is crucial but is equally important among other customer-facing teams and back-end teams.

A connected workplace is the new age mantra to become customer-centric. The benefits of collaborating are fairly obvious. Given below are some of them:

  • Engaged employees
  • Easier information flow & accessibility
  • Improved teams’ efficiency & effectivity
  • Accelerated business velocity
  • Happier customers
  • Better retention
  • Increased profitability

In case, your organization is hugely invested in Salesforce and Jira ecosystem and you want a tool to integrate them for better collaboration among teams, Sinergify is your answer.

Sinergify allows integration of all Salesforce modules (standard or customer objects) with all Jira products (Core, Ops, Software, Service Desk).

Try Sinergify in your business environment to believe it! Start your free trial today.

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