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Ensuring Higher Support Productivity and Exceptional Service Experience Simultaneously

by Mudit Garg on Apr 23, 2020

Today, both consumers and companies are in the midst of a fascinating cultural renaissance as the traditional business landscape has changed.

Many brands around the globe have realized that to survive, they have to stay relevant, competitive, and future-proof. That’s why they have started optimizing for what’s next.

And that next is customer service— a department that is changing culturally with different mandates than before.

Customer service is now responsible for going beyond providing technical support and handling cases to ensuring customers receive the value your product/service promises.

But the job is not without its challenges. The biggest of them all is skyrocketing customer expectations.

Technological innovation is the driving force behind redefining customer standards. But the fact that C-suite views service as a strategic asset has come out like a breeze in the chaos. The results are that the priorities and budgets are following suit.

A Salesforce study found that eighty-two percent of decision-makers say their company’s customer service must transform in order to stay competitive. So, more organizations are ready to invest in customer service today than ever.

How can an organization ensure that they deliver value to their customers?

Well, we suggest adopting the new three-step strategy — Renovate, Evolve, and Transcend.

How can this three-step strategy help your service team deliver value? Read it in detail here.

Up next, let’s talk about how your business can ensure higher service productivity and great service experience simultaneously.

Well, the key here is the quality of engagement that will ultimately reflect in the customer’s experience.

A customer sees your organizations as a single unit and not as different departments. Thus, cross-functional collaboration in your organization becomes important, especially today when even a single bad experience can cost your organization lost customers.

Prioritize building organizational synergy as there’re many technologies available to enable that.

Many organizations think adopting new technology will require training, which will consume a lot of time and effort. But they need to understand that if technological adoption is making their day-to-day life easier, they shouldn’t give it a second thought.

And, it has been seen that teams like Customer Support/Service are the face of a brand because they interact directly with your customers.

Not just that, they have a better opportunity to explore upselling, cross-selling, and add-on selling opportunities with existing clients.

So, invest in equipping your service teams with best-of-breed solutions to boost their level of engagement and productivity.

And if your support/service teams use Salesforce and product teams use tools like Jira, extend their capabilities with Sinergify—a Salesforce and Jira connector.

Sinergify allows the integration of all standard and custom Salesforce objects with both cloud and on-premises versions of Jira products.

Ready to explore how Sinergify can help boost your support team’s productivity?

Learn from the minds behind the product in a personalized demo session convened exclusively for you. Schedule a 1:1 session here.

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