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Customer Support Team

Support Agents, Support Managers
  • One-click case escalation to your engineering team
  • Higher case resolution rate
  • Better SLA compliance
  • Improved customer experience

Product Team

Product Manager, Head of Product Management,
Product Specialist
  • Direct access to Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Improved collaboration with customer-facing teams
  • Customer-centric product roadmap

Business Process Team

Process Managers, Jira Admin, Salesforce
Administrators, Scrum Masters, Project Managers
  • Customizable to fit your business use cases
  • Frictionless collaboration among various teams
  • Smoother workflows within the organization
  • Lower employee burn-out

Sales Team

Sales Agents, Sales Head
  • Complete view of the lead journey
  • Better access to customer and prospect’s info
  • First-hand availability of marketing collateral
  • Faster lead closures

Engineering Team

Engineers, Engineering Head, Technical Architects,
Product Owners
  • Closed feedback loop
  • In-sync release/version plans
  • Aligned goals with the product team
  • Easily prioritize issues to be resolved

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